Nov 23rd, 2022 - Goerli Beta Interest Form

We have created a Google form for those who are interested in joining Unpool's Goerli beta launch. We are looking for technically savvy individuals we can work closely with to build what the community wants. We want people who can debug logs with us as we go.

Signup Here

Nov 21st, 2022 - Whitepaper Live

We are proud to finally be able to release our whitepaper, giving a glimpse of what problems we are solving, what we strive to become, and our current roadmap. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

Follow our progress on Discord, Reddit, and Twitter.

Open Letter to Ethereum

Dear Future of Ethereum,

We have a problem.

Ethereum is heading in the same direction as the systems it seeks to replace and we intend on stopping it.

Today, is launching as a closed Goerli beta!

Contact us on our Discord to learn how to join!

Unpool's first set of new services will enable, support, and incentivize solo staking.

Unpool's mission is:

We want a better future for Ethereum.

We do not want a future with a small, well-capitalized, group of entities controlling Ethereum's destiny. We want a future where everyone can participate at Ethereum's most foundational level. Where everyone can reap the benefits without giving up control of their keys, tokens, or trust.

We need your help to make a better future.

We need intrepid individuals to help us achieve our mission and to take a stake in shaping Ethereum's future.

We extend an invitation to:

A Special Note:

If you are presently an ETH solo staker please reach out as soon as possible. We will be on-boarding solo stakers to our platform very shortly as beta testers at no charge for now. We want you to help us build what you need while enhancing your current returns.

The VeriHash team is excited about the future of Unpool and we can't wait to talk about it more. Our solo staking services are just the beginning. Over the course of the next year, we will be announcing more exciting services and solutions that will widen the adoption of Ethereum.

We look forward to engaging with the community, listening intently, and launching a platform that truly enables anyone to keep their keys, keep their crypto, and maximize their returns.